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FAQ on:

A) Be A Member
C) About our shoes
E) Payment
B) Pricing & Making Order
D) Brands
F) Delivery

A) Be A Member


Do I need to apply to become a member before I can view the price of the shoes and making orders?
Yes. You need to apply to become a member first before you can view the price and making order. Your application will go through a stringent process of approval. Once it is approved, we will send you a user ID and password. As an option, you will be required to login for a change to a new user ID and password as a security measure.


Why do we need to register? Why not just display the prices without using password?
Our Shoes City is a wholesaler of shoes product to shoes retailers and traders. This is to protect the interest of our customers as the prices are sensitive to consumer.


How to become a member? Will you send me the user ID and password when approved?

First of all, you need to register by providing your company particulars when the system prompts you to do so. Remember to attach your company profile or any other company statutory documents to further support your application. Approval is at the sole discretion of the Shoes City 's Management.


Can I write in officially to the Shoes City to apply for the User ID and password?

Yes. Please enclose your company profile to support your application.


How long it takes for my application to become a member is approved?

Some will get immediate approvals and others within a week depending on the type of applications.


Do I need to change the user ID and password periodically?


As an option, it is recommended that you change your password and user ID periodically for security purposes whenever you think it is required.

However, in order to further protect the interest of our customer and enhance the security, your password can only be used for duration of about 3 months after which it will automatically be lapsed. The system will prompt you for a new password. This is to ensure that the passwords do not fall in the hands of unauthorized parties.


B) Pricing & Making Order


Can the price be further negotiated or discounted?


Our price quoted is cash price and fixed. It is already competitive in the industry.



I am interested in ordering your shoes. How do I go about it?


Our website has an on-line ordering system. Just select your preferred shoes models by using our “shopping cart” system and select send when you have finished. We will process your order immediately when receive and call/e-mail you for any further inquiries if required.



What am I supposed to do after sending my order on-line to Shoes City ?


We will send you invoices on the available stocks for you to make payment prior delivery of goods.


C) About our shoes


Which categories of customers do you sell your shoes products?


We welcome all shoes traders such as retailers, importers, wholesaler, project tenders, working shoes for employees and also new ventures in starting up a shoes business. WE DON'T SELL TO CONSUMER.



Can you send me a catalogue?


Kongbrothersshoescity.com is strictly an online wholesaler, and therefore we do not provide a catalogue to our customers. Our website is updated on a regular basis with new styles and sale prices. By visiting our website frequently, you will see the most up-to-date information on our available products.



Do you sell your shoes product in loose pairs i.e. one pair or two pairs?


No. We only sell in minimum of one (1) carton per design per colour. In a carton, it may consist of 12 pairs, 20 pairs or even 24 pairs of shoes depending on its respective category and type.

Every shoes photo in our website under product section clearly indicates the number of pairs available for each size.

For example:

Ladies casual shoes - one carton is consisting of 12 pairs in total which is made up from various sizes such as follows :
Size/ No of pairs
Total = 12 pairs
  That's mean: There is one pair for size 35 & 40, two pairs for size 36 & 39 and three pairs for size 37 & 38.
  Below is the international shoes size conversion table:


Can I choose the sizes of my choice to make up the total number of pairs for a carton? For example, I want more pairs for size 6 & 7!


Not for online ready stock. Unless specified in the website's product catalogue as “free to choose sizes” means that you are allowed to do so. If not stated, then you are required to follow the sizes as stated. This is due to the fact that the sizes are prefixed and produced by factories in mass production manner.

For the make to order category, customers will be able to choose quantity for each size provided the minimum order quantity is 240 pairs per colour per design.



Can I return the goods if I couldn't manage to sell on my part?


No. Goods sold are not returnable.


D) Brands


I don't have any registered brand of my own to sell the shoes which I will purchase from Shoes City . Do you have brands readily available for me to trade?


We have many registered and established brands made available for you.



Can I use my own registered brands if I have?


Yes. You can use your own brands but need to be registered brands with your respective relevant authorities. An authorization letter is to be furnished by you to authorize us to make the shoes under your brand and also to exclude us from any legal issues that may arise in future pertaining to using such brands.



What if my brands are not registered with relevant authorities? Can I use it?
In our opinion, you shouldn't use such brands. Please get it registered with the relevant authorities.


Is there any additional costs to be incurred pertaining to using my own registered brands?
Yes. There are some extra costs to be born by you on labeling your own registered brands onto the shoes which we will advise you accordingly.


What I have to provide the Shoes City if I prefer to use my own brand?
All you need to do is to provide us with your art work of the brand logo and name preferably in Adobe Illustrator format. You can send it to us by email.

E) Payment


When should I make the payment after I have make my online orders?
You should make your payment immediately after receiving our invoice preferably within 7 days. After 7 days of not receiving your payment, we will release your ordered goods to other customers that may have queued for it.


Can I receive the goods first before making payments?
  No. Goods are only delivered after full payments have been made.


What are the available payment modes?

a) Cash

i) By paying at our cashier counters, OR
ii) By depositing cash into our bank account (local customer)
    (Our bank and account numbers are stated in our invoices), OR
iii) Telegraphic Transfer (T.T) into our bank account (applicable more to Overseas Customers) (Our bank and account numbers are stated in our invoices)

P lease remember to fax over the deposit or T.T. slips to us at + 603-8942 2252 & +603-8942 4048 OR call/ e-mail us to confirm your payment.


b) Cheques/Bankers Cheque (applicable to local market only)

Cheque payments are also accepted by us but subject to clearance before delivery of goods. You can either deposit the cheques into our bank account on behalf of us or send it personally or by post.

If you choose to deposit on behalf of us, please remember to fax over the deposit slips to us at + 603-8942 2252 & +603-8942 4048 to confirm your payment.


c) Credit cards

Credit card payments are also accepted at our cashiers' counters (Mastercard & Visa card only).  


d) Letter of Credit (LC)

We welcome LC payment issued by selected local or foreign banks. The LC is strictly on sight and irrevocable basis subject to mutual agreement of both parties on the terms and conditions.

F) Delivery


Is your price included the delivery charges?

For local market


Peninsular Malaysia

The prices quoted include the delivery charges for Peninsular Malaysia only unless stated otherwise on certain types of shoes which the price does not include the delivery charges.



East of Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak)

The price quoted is FOB to all ports in Peninsular Malaysia. Shipment or airfreight costs shall be fully borne by customers. We can assist for the delivery arrangement on customers’ behalf and all charges incurred will be billed accordingly.

Export Market

Our prices quoted are on Ex-Factory but FOB (Malaysian) can be arranged. All shipment or airfreight costs shall be fully borne by customers. We can assist for the delivery arrangement on customers’ behalf and all charges incurred will be billed accordingly. In addition, customers have to take their own responsibility to ensure the compliance of their local regulations and laws pertaining to importation of goods i.e. Custom duty, tax and any other relevant charges that may arise.



Can I appoint my own freight forwarders or shipping agents to handle the delivery of the goods?
  Yes, you can arrange your own forwarders.
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