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About Us

Kong Brothers Group
has been in the footwear industry for more than 28 years primarily in manufacturing and wholesaling of all range of footwear products for men, women, children and also for commercial needs such as formal shoes or office wear, casual shoes, fashion shoes, sandals, sports shoes, armed forces shoes and industrial safety shoes.

In the early days when we first started our business in manufacturing of footwear, it was only a home-based operation until today with our own factories and state of the art manufacturing machineries. Due to strong reputation and demand on our quality shoes, our business expanded tremendously into a remarkable SHOES CITY size known as the " KONG BROTHERS SHOES CITY ".

Biggest one-stop shoes city in Southeast Asia

Today, our SHOES CITY had made an unforgettable record in the global shoes industry as a major shoes wholesaler with the largest shoes showroom ever been built in Southeast Asia . Our 21,600 square feet shoes showroom is now displaying more than 30,000 of various shoes designs and the Shoe City itself has a total built up area of 50,400 square feet.

Our primary objective of this SHOES CITY is as a "ONE STOP SHOES CENTRE" providing a total footwear solution and offering unlimited choices of shoes designs to choose which fulfill the needs of all our footwear importers and traders all under one roof. This will definitely saves the valuable time and costs of our customers as they no longer require anymore to source shoes from one different place to another.

With this gigantic shoes showroom, we are now able to provide a wide choice of shoes designs to meet your requirement with the highest shoes quality assurance and one of the lowest wholesale pricing in the footwear industry.

We are one of the major shoes makers in Malaysia which had gained many years of good reputation. Whether it's making the shoes under our own brand or OEM your brands, you can trust on our qualified Malaysian designers with vast experience in providing and guiding you the true definition of what is called "quality shoes" and yet competitively priced in the region.


About The Founder

Kong Brothers Group was founded by our Managing Director, Mr. Kong Kwai Meng who began his journey in the shoes industry since 1968, having an accumulated personal experience of close to 40 years.

He started his career in the shoes industry since he was 14 years old in learning the skills and processes of making a quality shoes. As an apprentice shoemaker since then, he often worked double the amount of his peers as he placed great important and determination in his shoes career.

Today, he is a proven and capable businessman who is considered as one of the most popular figures and highly respectable shoes player in our local shoes industry. His ability to build his business empire provides a lesson in perseverance and intensity.

His ultimate vision and assignment is make a place for our Malaysian shoes industry in the world as one of the country that is well known in exporting top quality shoes at competitive pricing.



We continuously improve on quality, design and image of our products and organizational structures in order to match and exceed our customers' expectations and to provide them with highest value.

We are also committed to continuously strengthening our brands and products to improve our competitive position and financial performance.


In Kong Brothers Group, everyone shared the vision to be the market leader in the footwear industry through our strong commitment to achieve this goal with hard work, discipline and creative endeavour.

Creating a truly "One Stop Footwear Solution" that would allow customers to swiftly select their desired choices of shoes designs.

Generating and further prompt market growth in the local footwear industry and also enabling opportunities for exports of our local quality shoes to foreign countries.

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